Animal Companions: Services for Small Animals- Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Animal Boarding (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc.)

Small Animal Services

I offer services for your small furry friends. If you need advice on understanding their behaviour, I am happy to help. This page gives advice on understanding rabbit communication and behaviour.

Small Animal Home Visits


While you are away, let me care for your small animals in their own home. I will visit your home to your requirements giving you peace of mind that your small companions will receive the same love and care that you would normally give them. Services include feeding, water refresh, cage/hutch clean, exercise (where applicable) fuss and attention. I can also undertake minor security tasks, such as opening closing curtains, switching on/off lights, etc.

Small Animal Home Visits

Two Ferrets

These prices are for animals housed together. For more than 3 animals, or separated animals, or if you have special requirements like giving tablets, then please call me for a personalised quote.

Discounts available for long term services (15+ days) and for OAPs.
Bank holidays are charged at double time

I am happy to provide you with a few text updates while you are away. I know what it's like to worry.


Poppy & Zora

Poppy and Zora

Ferrets are wonderful pets but when it comes to boarding or finding someone to look after them, it is a nightmare as they are so unique. There are simply no boarding companies anywhere near I live that will accept ferrets and until I came across the Animal Companions website, I could not find anyone who would be willing to do a home visit either. I was and still am so grateful that I found Nic, who has now been looking after my ferrets for years. She is aunty to them and I wouldn't have anyone else look after them.

Dr. Kaz Brandt
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