Animal Companions: Services for Cats- Dog Walking, Cat Sitting, Animal Boarding (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, etc.)

Cat Care

Although cats can be very independent, they are always happier if fussed over and looked after when you're away or busy. See the services I offer below.

Cat Sitting / Home Visits

Cat on a log

While you are away, let me care for your cat/s in their own home. Catteries can be stressful for some cats; with Animal Companions visiting to your requirements, this means your cat can stay home where h/she is happiest. Services include feeding, water refresh, litter tray clean, fuss & play, plus I can also undertake minor security tasks. (Opening closing curtains, switching on/off lights, locking/unlocking cat flaps, etc.)

I am happy to provide you with text updates while you are away. I know what it's like to worry.

Cat Home Visits

Cat at night
  • £10 per single daily visit for up to 3 cats
  • £12.50 for two daily visits for up to 3 cats

For more than 3 cats, or if you have special requirements like giving tablets, then please call me for a personalised quote.

Discounts available for long term services (15+ days) and for OAPs.
Bank holidays are charged at double time




Thank you sooo much for looking after Whisky and keeping him safe while we were away on holiday. I normally get the silent treatment for days when I've been away and he doesn't come home, but he's in sound asleep on my bed and has been for hours. We were very happy with your service, everything has gone really well and I would recommend you and definitely use your home visiting service again. Thanks again.

Avril Bell, Bexleyheath
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